Need to know info

Is the Privateer Festival Free? - Yes!  The event is free to attend but there will be drinks, a kids package, Rum Punch Stroll Tasting and Pirate-for-a-Day Specials (Sat. April 21st only), as well as access to a VIP tent for purchase onsite and advance.  

Where is the entertainment located? - There will be a live music stage in Broadway Square, as well as vendors, and other entertainers. Thames St. Park will be available for families to relax, with a playground and fenced in area, as well as a bar serving drinks. 

Are weapons allowed? - Please carry costume weapons at your discretion. We do not have weapon check and police will be present.  They may not allow you to carry a costume weapon that resembles a real weapon. You may be asked to not carry weapons in order to enter the festival.

Who's allowed in the VIP tent? - Adults 21 and over with a VIP ticket purchase. Children under the age of 16 are allowed to accompany adults who have purchased a VIP ticket. 

What drinks will be served? - Beer, Wine, Cocktails, & Water will be for sale. There will be Corona & Corona light, Red & White Wine, a Deep Eddy Vodka Cocktail, & Capt. Jack's Pirate Palmer.

How do I purchase an alcoholic beverage or a ticket package? - Ticket packages will be available online for advance purchase.  Onsite, bars will not be accepting cash or credit cards. Bars will only accept drink tickets which can be purchased at the ticket table located at check in on the square and in Thames St. Park.

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