Sea Vessels

Tour the S.S. John W. Brown Ship at the Fell's Point Privateer Festival!


Friday, April 20

10am-1pm Open Ship for Tours

Saturday, April 21

10am-5pm - Open Ship for Tours & Children's Activities

3pm-4pm - New Old Theater presents Jolly Roger by Walter Leigh $15 admission (kids free)

7pm-10pm - Pirate Party on the Brown - Featuring Music by Jenny's Teacup $10 admission (21+)

 Sunday, April 22

10am - 4:30pm - Open Ship for Tours & Children's Activities 

3pm-4pm - New Old Theater presents Jolly Roger by Walter Leigh $15 admission (kids free) 

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Check out living history aboard the schooner "Panther!"

Panther was one of 4 sister ships built for the German Navy between 1930 and 1933 as sail training vessels. With her rig and hull shape very similar to vessels constructed and used by both privateers and pirates, Panther makes for an ideal dockside learning venue.

While in Baltimore at dockside, the crew will engage the public on the pier with topics  that will range from period weapons and their use, communication on and between ships, navigation, crew duties, responsibilities and discipline,  medical services onboard and roles that women filled on shipboard during the 17,18&19th centuries.

Our crew are all volunteers and serve as their schedules allow. They come from many states and assist the Ship in a wide range of duties depending on their personal interests and areas of expertise. If you were to be interested to ship with Panther, please do not be shy, stop and chat with us!

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